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Using our own immunity to help fight cancer, Immunotherapy is the latest breakthrough in cancer treatment. At Sunrise Oncocare, we have an expert panel of doctors who have successfully used immunotherapy to treat patients.


The most important part of cancer care treatment. At Sunrise Oncocare, we ensure the best therapy and treatment plan for you after carefully analysing all factors. We strive to minimize the adverse effects of chemotherapy with the latest technology.

Targeted Therapy

Attacking cancer cells more effectively with drugs, targeted therapy has been found to be highly effective. At Sunrise Oncocare, we aim to provide the latest forms of treatment like targeted therapy to ensure that only the cancer cells are being attacked while minimizing the damage on normal cells.

Laurina S. D.

We met Dr. Ashay Karpe when my daughter had to undergo chemotherapy which was a complicated one. I never expected to meet an oncologist like him who is so caring and compassionate towards his patients. He doesn’t confuse you or make you feel anxious. Dr. Ashay answers all our queries and makes it clear by giving every detail at appropriate time. My daughter has completed her chemo and is also doing the follow-ups which is highly recommended by doctor for complete recovery. Thanks for giving great fellow feeling and strength to my daughter in her painful journey. I would highly endorse if anyone would like an extraordinary oncologist that is Dr. Ashay Karpe.

Ravindra Singh

I was diagnosed with Tongue Cancer (Stage 4) in July 2019. Dr. Vijay Sharnangat prescribed Chemo and Radiation Therapy treatment and results were unbelievable. The team of doctors and care takers at Sunrise Oncology ensured that I get the best of the treatment. At the end of the treatment, I am absolutely normal and disease free. I owe a lot of my recovery to my great oncologists at Sunrise Oncology. I continued working through my whole treatment except for the 6 weeks of radiation. I am a Survivor and Praise God above all else for it. But my doctors, care takers, family and friends were all a big contributor to my recovery and wellbeing. All the best & God Bless!

Ravikant Banka

I thank Dr. Ashay Karpe for having very successfully managed the disease, life and also the lifestyle. It was never a point where you kept recommending medications which continually caused stress and extreme discomfort. It has always been the right mix of medication with patient care and concern. In these times, there’s also a concern about whether the treatment is being guided by personal gains but in your case it was the opposite. For you only the patient health, care and comfort was the drive. This also lends so much additional comfort to the patient and family. I strongly recommend your participation to anybody who needs the right oncology expertise and counsel.

Aniket G.

I was diagnosed for non-hodgkin lymphoma (DLBCL) on my left leg in Mar-2015. I took my treatment under Dr. Bharat Bhosale. Right from my consulting day to my last chemo he ensured that i am well informed of all the aspects of my disease, treatments and costs. I thank him for his sincere and proactive efforts in handling my case. I also thank him for giving moral support by constant encouragement, showcasing other of his patients / friends cases who have overcame cancer, for being available anytime for any of my queries. I once again thank you Dr. Bharat for all your efforts in giving me the best treatment.